Friday, November 20, 2015

The fives senses SIGHT

I've decided to start teaching the five senses over the next six weeks.  I figure we'll talk over one sense each week, then finish up with a brain week. I went to the library tonight and picked up some materials for this week and this is what I found and also some ideas from Pinterest. It was funny to run into an elementary teacher picking up some resources in the same section...poor thing... neither of us get paid overtime. ;)

As far as tie in activities I like the idea of doing a blindfold activity....might open up some discussion opportunities for people with visual impairment. One book has an experiment on how glasses work that I hope will be interesting as well. Building a kaleidoscope might be a fun activity as well.

neat lesson plan from scholastic for The Magic School Bus book:

I'm also considering adding an eyeball dissection to the activities list....might be too young...but maybe not. I found a neat resource for the process anyway.


videos about the eye:

Bill Nye eyeball short

Neat anatomy video

More in depth anatomy

rods and cones short

TED ed vid on evolution of the eye

playdough model activity
confetti maker cones and rods rolled into retina layer... idea in progress. 

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