Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Costco Responds: with support for breastfeeding mothers!

After weeks of no contact I finally heard back from the regional VP of Costco Warehouses. I was grateful that this person was willing to reach out personally to hear my concerns about being harassed and prevented from breastfeeding in the warehouse. Today he followed up with me. I was told he will be training his managers to allow and respect mothers breastfeeding in the manner of their preference within the warehouses. The individual warehouse managers will then educate their own employees. He is confident this will prevent women from being harassed in the Utah State warehouses and has provided me with a means of contacting him again should problems occur in the future. Although I still believe a corporate wide policy would be beneficial, protect women in all of their warehouses, and stand in line with Costco's stated values, I was very happy with the compromise. I am truly grateful to have been heard, and treated with the respect a breastfeeding mother deserves.

Thank You Costco!


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