Monday, November 11, 2013

"Orange you glad they're eating leafy greens?"

Is it hard to get your kiddo's to eat those leafy greens? Just after I gave birth to my first child. My sister came to visit and have lunch with her kids. I really enjoyed watching her kids and getting glimpses of my future.  I remember laughing as I fed my nephew a plate of baby spinach that he was pretending were leaves. Nom! Nom! Nom! "Din-O"  gleefully gobbled up handfuls of baby spinach and I thought to myself  'Hey it doesn't seem too hard to get kids to eat healthy.'

Har. har. har.

With my own kids it has proven to be a little more tricky, and I often find myself incorporating 'hidden greens' into many recipes. I've even dehydrated and powdered spinach in the attempt!

Recently though its been extra easy! I've been experimenting with green smoothies and I have found one combination that tastes great! I've been it making every morning with great success! I also discovered that its not the color that turns my kids off from green smoothies its the green taste. The orange and mango are a perfect green taste disguising duo that allow me to get cupfuls of green goodness into the kids with their morning meals.   

In a blender
¾ c    orange juice
3   c    baby spinach/baby kale
¾ c    frozen mango

That's it! They both love it, and gulp it down each morning!

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