Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spooky Ghost Costume {tutorial and pattern}

It's Halloween again! Yay! I love this holiday. This year I created spooky little ghost capes for my kids. 
Sixty minutes, three seams, and DONE! 
Halloween made easy!


2/3 yd of 66-70" white fleece (I used microfleece) & coordinating thread.

Scraps of felt and embroidery thread for spider.

Spooky Ghost pattern {view & print here}

Fold the fleece in half once (right sides together) then again perpendicular to the first fold.
You want a corner with four layers of fabric and no edges.

Place the pattern {view & print here}on the corner and the hood below. Be sure to cut through all four layers for the cape, but only two for the hood. Otherwise you'll end up with two hoods!
this hood has already been cut out but shows the placement

Assemble the hood

if you want a spider make it and tuck it inside the two hoods layers at the very tip, with just an inch or two of string poking out.

Complete the costume. This is slightly tricky, but think about it and it will make sense.  Pin the collars together by placing the hood upside down & right side out. Inside the cape which is inside out and right side up.

This is a view from inside:


Melissa said...

How cute is that! I love the little spider hanging on the hood :)

angelina said...

Thanks! I realized I forgot to add googley eyes to the spiders so I've got to do that before trick-or-treating! Have a fun night tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I love this! Just curious - how tall is your son? My 2 year old is just over 3 feet tall and am wondering if I should get extra fabric just to make the costume a little longer. Thanks for posting!

Angelina said...

Hey I made this 3 years ago but we still have it in the dress up box and it still fits. I had this on a 1.5 yr old in the pic but had my 3.5 yr old wear one the same year. It fit both of them well, but was a bit shorter on the older one. Print the pattern, measure the cape length and see where that would land on your son. You can adjust it longer, then I would bring both pattern pieces to the fabric store and lay them out on the table to make sure you get enough. Good luck! Feel free post post a pic and tag me on Facebook if you make it! I'd love to see it!

Jillian Perreault said...

This was first ever attempt at a sewing project (without the help of my talented MIL) and I am pretty thrilled with the results. Better yet, my son loves his costume. Thanks for a cute and easy-to-follow pattern. The pics were a big help along with your clear instructions :) Happy Halloween!

Angelina said...

Hey i'm so glad it was helpful for you! Happy Halloween! :D