Monday, August 26, 2013

Soup's on!

This weekend we all caught a little bug. Although it was mild it was still a good opportunity to make up some healing soup {recipe}. This time around I used brown rice, and added some fresh heirloom tomatoes to each bowl and it was delicious.


Melissa said...

Just spent the last while reading and catching up on your blog! I thought I would leave a comment here. I loved the post about being partners in breastfeeding and reading your thoughts made me stop and feel gratitude for being able to nurse Henry. Also thank you again for picking up that Ergo carrier for me, I tell people it is like my left arm and it is how I function with four kiddos! I have finally by the fourth one managed to master nursing while walking around with him in the carrier and it is a lifesaver! That soup also looks amazing! We eat lots of rice, but I haven't thought of adding it to a soup before, and I have a bunch of brown rice on hand. Do you have a recipe? Oh, also, loved the gear capes, my kids wear the ones you made daily and we have gotten so many comments on them! They are awesome! Sorry for the marathon comment, I thought it was easier than leaving a bunch of them along the way!

angelina said...

Hey I'm glad the capes and the ergo are working out! Feeding on the move is great, I love baby carriers! It is still the first thing I tell new moms about. I really hope we get to meet your Henry soon!

The soup is my no noodle soup recipe with fresh tomatoes from our garden. It was so good!