Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Favorite Feeding Shirt

*this pattern is for private use only*

This shirt is really easy to assemble. All the pattern pieces should be traced face up onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Serge off the bottom of the inner panel piece (the short front piece) you could also leave this as jersey fabric holds up really well as a raw edge

with the pieces right sides together sew the shoulders straps of each front piece to the correct side of the back piece. Press and top stitch along the right side

open up the side and all along the collar (back, front, and panel) fold down 1/4 inch and top stitch a casing while stinging 1/8" elastic through .

Tack both ends of the elastic in place when finish, there's no need to stretch the elastic, it is there to stabilize the collar and add support for the garment when being pulled out and stretched during feedings.

Line everything up and right sides together sew the side seams

Repeat the elastic casing method used on the collar for the sleeve holes and your done!

Print Pattern HERE:
front long
front panel


Anonymous said...

Awesome pattern! Thanks, needed to make a few tanks for the hospital!

sew4my3 said...

I've posted a link to your Crossover Favorite Feeding Top in my group on facebook called "Adult Size PDF Sewing Patterns Community". You can join us here: Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful design!

Rachael S said...

what size is this for?

DizzyRat said...

Hi Rachael S

my size :) a USA women's medium.