Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stuffed Up.


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 Day 4: Breastfeeding during special circumstances

When my second child was born he was an easy eater. We spent the first day in our bed cuddled up together with him latched on nearly the entire time. It was easy and a nice way to rest and recover.

However over the next few weeks he developed nasal congestion. At first it was just a stuffy nose that you could hear when he breathed. I tried many home remedies to ease it. Such as dripping my milk into his nose and massaging it, steaming in the bathroom, humidifiers, and turning off the forced air heating in our home. All of things things helped but it was still a constant problem. Sometimes it would even effect his feedings.

I was told infant congestion was normal and would improve with age, but in this case I didn't find the 'common = not unhealthy' logic reassuring. So I kept the A/C off and purchased an air purifier. Things got a little better, but then another problem started. His stools changed from a few each day to nothing for days and then a lot all at once. This was weird, and again I was confronted with the 'this is common & not a problem' logic.  Even my favorite go-to sites reassured me that it was "normal" but I was not convinced. I started looking into other reasons for the congestion like possible food allergies, and I decided to cut out all dairy (the most likely culprit) to see if things would improve.

This was HARD to do. Sometimes I felt like just like this...

Cheese Gromit!
I had a few slips of course but stayed on track. Within a few weeks my little guy's stools returned to the regular pattern of a few times each day, and even though the air purifier broke his congestion was gone entirely.

Some people believe that unpasteurized milk is easier to digest and doesn't cause allergic reactions the way pasteurized milk does. I did consider switching to raw milk as it is legal to purchase where I live. However the nearest market is a few hours drive from our home so just giving it up was actually easier for me. I've heard that they are opening a market in my city though so I might just give it a test of my own in the future. 

*see above graphic*

It's hard to know when normal is fine and when it's just a common pattern of disease yet to be recognized. I'm glad I took the step to cut out the dairy, even my gut is feeling more healthy these days.

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Timbra said...

Food allergies are such a bummer. It's always important to go with your "gut" (no pun intended) and know that you know your child best. Thanks for sharing your story!