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 DAY 6 : Favorite go-to resource

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Although I've mentioned it a lot this week, my go to resource is probably
La Leche League.

My local chapter of La Leche League has been my main face-to-face resource. When I was pregnant and looking at tandem nursing it was great to be able to hear the perspective, and  experiences of others. Those first few weeks of negotiating tandem feedings were a challenge at times but knowing that I wasn't alone was a big a help.

I was a new mom *again* and I found parenting two to be quite the challenge. My Ergobaby carrier which served me well for my first child was not working with the new baby. He needed to be held but this time around I needed my hands to cook, clean, and play with his older brother. Finally I reached out once again to La Leche League and a generous leader brought all sorts of different carriers for me to try out to the meeting that week. I found one that baby and I both liked, a ring sling  in that meeting. I used it successfully for a good long while. I liked the ring sling so much I made myself another using this awesome woman's instructions.

Wearing the ringsling I purchased from a LLL fundraiser on a hike

I don't know many people who breastfeed. It Is a really nice thing to know you can call or drop by a meeting and be in good company.

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Timbra said...

I love that you shared resources other than books or internet sites. . . face to face support is SO super important and having a carrier seemed to be invaluable to you! Great post!