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Favorite online resources for Breastfeeding


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Day 1:  Favorite Online Resources for breastfeeding

In the early days of my breastfeeding journey I had very little to complain about. When I did have worries or questions late at night I turned to an inviting site called which I found helpful and reassuring. It has a large amount of information from latching, to tandem nursing, and even milksharing/donating.

Like I said though, I consulted this site for minor worries and wonderings. Suppose I had a larger or more immediate concern I would want professional lactation support which, by the way you can't get from your family doctor or pediatrician. They just don't have the training or knowledge. I've heard of some daft advice via these routes too, things I won't repeat here.

For serious concerns I'd go to a certified Lactation Consultant. This is a good search site for IBLC's (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) As with any provider you'll probably want to check out a few and find one that suits you.

When I starting donating my milk to local babies I used a few online sites to connect with families in need. Human milk 4 Human Babies is a good one that is free and utilizes social networking sites. 

And when I just wanted to get out and meet other breastfeeding families I looked up my local La Leche League chapter and checked out a meeting. LLL is an international organization based on mother to mother breastfeeding support and the meetings are usually all women.  

Happy Breastfeeding! 

Here are more posts by the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival participants! Check back because more will be added throughout the day.

Here are more post by the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival participants! Check back because more will be added throughout the day.

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Timbra said...

Lots of great resources for lots of different circumstances. It's always great to use the internet to find the location of an IN PERSON support system, like LLL, as well. Sounds like you found the answers you were looking for in all different ways.