Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Re-purposing old baby clothes

 If you have a new walker toddling about then you've probably got a bin of old baby clothes.  Well take out your bin, grab your scissors, and find a nice fitting t-shirt. This naptime you're making several new shirts for your toddlers wardrobe by up-cycling those old baby clothes. 25 minutes from now you will have several new outfits all for free!  : )

Step 1: assemble your supplies
re-make your old onesies too!
Step 2: Use a nice fitting T-shirt to get the correct length
and cut off the end of the sleeper sack
(make sure you lay the sack as flat as possible)

Use a ruler to straighten out your work : )
For the extra bits....
I'm thinking coordinating bibs or maybe leggings

Step 3: serge off bottom (you could also hem it with a regular sewing machine)
or you could leave it jersey fabric doesn't really fray much