Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have had a hard time getting Moonflower to wear bandages. At first, ignorantly I tried regular old fabric bandages. OUCH! those things are clearly not made for the sensitive skin of a toddler. Poor guy has never trusted bandages since.

That is until today.

I recently made a purchase of Ouchies Jr. Eric Carle bandages, which if you know Moonee you'll know he's been sporting The Hungry Little Caterpillar on his feet for the last year. (3 pairs!!!)

Anyway fast-forward to today and Moonee has a big spider bite on his leg
: (

I pull out a hungry little caterpillar bandage covertly apply 'toothpaste' (antibiotic ointment) and place it over the bite.

At 12¢ each, I am quite pleased.

It is now 12 hours later and after a small scrape the Hungry Little Caterpillar has gained the company of "The Busy Little Spider" a book we have not read but which Moonee still declared he liked, ironically.



sharon said...

Sorry to hear about the spider bit. Let the love for band-aids begain!

Dizzy Rat said...

miss you Sharon. spider bite has healed and yes we are LOVIN these bandages : ) hey i made french bread again yesterday and I think it was the best loaf i've ever made, the crust was crackling as it cooled off! soooo good