Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy & Cute Keepsake Ornaments

Supplies you'll need:

A smallish photograph
(I used 4"x6")

hand prints or footprints on card stock
(or mounted onto cardstock)

colored cardstock paper

colored foam sheets


scissors, glue & hole punch

fixative (optional)

We made the prints with fingerpaints
and sprayed them with fixative*

Cut out the prints and glue them to the foam
Cut out the photos and glue them to the cardstock

Trim around each photo & print
(leave larger edges on foam)

Place the cardstock face down onto the face up foam
hold in place and trim excess foam

Glue photo onto backside of foam
hole punch & tie ribbon

add names & dates to prints*

I made these ornaments as gifts
for the grandparents this year
& they turned out so cute! : )


Melissa said...

Those are adorable! The dinosaur suit totally reminds me of a little Dave!

Dizzy Rat said...

Thanks! I thought they were really cute suits, Jessie got them for us. If I get time I want to make a collage with the old pics of Dave.