Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Homemade Gift Wrap

I made my own gift wrap this year.

The idea occured to me on christmas eve after I discovered I'd left my wrapping paper at a friends place the year before....meant to snag that up at some point... Nevermind though, I took advantage of my laspe in memory and the oppurtunity to express some creativity by upcycling some paper bags and packing paper.

It doesn't take much and you can
make it as complicated or simple
as you'd like.

you'll need:

paperbags or packing paper

colored construction paper (also stamps could work...)

scissors, tape or glue, & hole punch

How to:

first cut open your paper bags down the seam side and across the bottom.

cut the handles & bottom off.

if the one bag is big enough your ready to decorate if you need a bigger piece then cut open another bag. and glue them together.
These are the ones I made

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Melissa said...

Those are so cute! How creative!