Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alternative egg fillings

Yesterday we had a spring egg hunt in the park with our local playgroup. It was a great fun time. The park we went to was a wonderful spot for an egg hunt and we luckily had the place all to ourselves. There were some great alternative egg filing ideas! This is great for children on alternate diets, with allergies, or those whose parents would like to limit the large amount of sugar in candy.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc. wash and dry thoroughly before placing in the egg.

(likely best if prepared the day of)

Small toys!
 such as handmade plushies, bracelet's, animal figures

small bubble wand jars

Dried fruit! 
such as raisins & cherries 

Monday, April 7, 2014

beginning reading with word families

My oldest has officially reached the beginning reading stage! It is an exciting time for us. I've struggled for a while now trying different things to bridge the gap between memorizing letters and their sounds to decoding words. I've tried a few products to help us in this way. Many required too much in addition to the reading which complicated the decoding process.

Bear has been really interested in rhyming the last couple months coming up with his own songs and rhymes. It seemed like a good time to try it again BUT this time in a much simpler way. I choose a very simple font and made cards with only words-no pictures. I decided against including pictures/matching games because I think early visual representations are very impressive. There are also some words I'm just not comfortable summing up into a single visual picture. It works out well this way! We describe what the words mean to each other and often act out some imaginary description. It is very engaging!

This week he has already mastered about 25 new words!

I make the cards by printing out these sheets {click here for link}  on white cardstock paper

I cut out the cards, glue them onto colorful cardstock, and laminate them.

You could just print them out and use them as-is but I'm hoping to use these cards again in a few years.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Feed the Pig"

This month I am organizing a busy bag exchange with some friends and I have been perusing the web looking for ideas. I found an idea for a puff n poke container using those animal cups from the dollar store but I decided to make one for my little bug using an old cream cheese container. I'm choosing a different idea for the exchange though as collecting all those containers might be a pain. The favorite animal right now seems to be pigs.

The face is made from cardstock and laminated for a bit more durability. I used a large circle hole punch for the face, then traced the circle onto the lid with marker. With the tracing as a guide I cut out a small hole in the lid with a small pair of scissors. While I was making the hole in the lid I slipped and cut a slit on one side of the circle but the glue under the pig's face seemed to fix it. I had some extra pink fleece scraps for the ears and around the base of the container. Everything was attached with a strong non-washable fabric glue.

It's a fun simple game and keeps him entertained for 10 minutes while I do some reading practice with older bro. I'm excited to try more fun things at the exchange later this month!